Website redirects to suspendeddomain dot org AND a ad page


So basically I uploaded all the necessary MyBB files, to my site then it began acting strangely, the URL forums (dot) primitivemc (dot)co shows an ad page, as well as the URL primitivemc (dot) co shows a suspendeddomain (dot) org page (the URL primitivemc (dot) co is redirected to forums (dot) primitivemc (dot) co in the go daddy page). The site was working until I uploaded the last few files of MyBB, then began showing these error pages. (MyBB had previously worked on another site I have hosted with infinity free, so it’s not because of myBB). I had searched this up on the forums and it brought me to “” though it doesn’t seem my account has been suspended, deactivated, or anything else described on that page. I think the issue lies in the ad page as my domain in infinity free is set to forums.primitivemc (dot) co and primitivemc (dot) co has not been mentioned anywhere in the setup process. As previously mentioned, the url had worked BEFORE uploading the last few files of MyBB.

Sorry for the (dot)'s this forum has this setting “Sorry, new users can only put 2 links in a post.”

It was previously working.

Your domain name is currently pointing to Go Daddy’s nameservers, and does not have any DNS records set up for the forum subdomain.

To bring your website back up, you can either:

  • Add the missing DNS records to Go Daddy’s nameservers.
  • Change your domain’s nameservers back to and, which are already fully configured with all the required DNS records.
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