Website really slow after migrating

So as the title says, my website is REALLY slow, it wasn’t slow at all on the other hosting.
I used the guide for migrating that’s available here at InfinityFree.

AND also, it doesn’t load correctly (and fully).

What could be the culprit?
Site url:

If you use a lot of heavy PHP Scrips and/or resources your website will slow down on free hosting. If you need more server power, please upgrade to Premium.

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And am I using heavy PHP scripts? I didn’t know that a wordpress site would use so much resources…

Wordpress sites do use a lot of resources. A lot of themes take a lot of resources and if you have a lot of plugins that will take resources too. I have a little tip to make your site faster though: If you use Cloudflare, it will make your site a bit faster. Also, I would recommended you install this plugin. It will control the CPU Usage so you don‘t hit the CPU Limits that fast.

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