Website problem

Please tell me, anyone! why not work website with nameservers ?.
When It configured with IP, It work’s!.


Please fill out the template if you want assistance.

What is your domain name?


Now It configured with nameservers: “,”,
but not work.
So, also I tried with IP, and It work with IP.
What’s the issue ?.

Please note that crypto related sites, and especially crypto faucets, are forbidden on our hosting.

Freenom is the issue. As you can see in our Domain Checker, or any other DNS lookup tool, your domain doesn’t contain any nameservers right now. If you set the nameservers through Freenom’s panel but Freenom doesn’t set them on your domain, there is not a lot we can do for you, except for telling you to use a real domain name.


So, please tell, what will be, If I continue with this website on this hosting.
It has work’s on this hosting, already more than: 1 year!.

Ok! It’s correct, that now freenom has some issues.
Then, how It’s work with configured IP on freenom ?
Now I have configured on freenom, with nameservers: not work!.
But when I clear configuration of the nameservers, and set IP: It will work!.

Start backing up your website. If your account gets suspended, you may have nothing left.

This is the expected behaviour.
I am currently seeing issue on .ga domain with Freenom


Please remove your faucet site immediately or we will do it for you.

Just because you’ve been able to break the rules doesn’t mean you’re not breaking the rules or the rules don’t apply to you.

Ask Freenom? I don’t know why they do publish their own nameservers on your domain if configured but not ours. There should not be any difference between them (nameservers are nameservers after all). As for what exactly causes/triggers this bug at Freenom is something only Freenom can tell.


Ok!. Thank’s for answer :slight_smile: .

Just I want to earn some money with this way, and I want upgrade my hosting on “infinityfree”.
I want continue to use this hosting! :smiley:
Now my website is not active, no have many users.

It does not matter what your interpreation is, the rule is the rule.

Crypto websites are banned, period.

If you don’t want to remove your site, that’s fine, but please note that your account may be permanently suspended and you may lose the rights to access this service if you continue to violate the terms.


Hmmm, unfortunately :confused: .
Well!. I will find something good solution, for solve this issue!.

But sorry, you know ?, I think, you not correct think!.
I think, that I have not violate the rules, because my website, is not like that websites, that you think (With faucet scripts, API’s).
My website is very simple, It not contain scripts like, of websites like you think.
It doesn’t matter ?.

It’s the content that matters, not the scripts.

The reason is because crypto is risky, and Infinityfree does not want to host sites that potentially may be illegal (such as scam websites).

If the head honcho himself says so:

Then it’s not allowed here.

There are limitations to free hosting, and for this hosting service (that is, Infinityfree), crypto is one of them.


Ok!. Thank’s for clarify answer! :wink: .

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