Website / PHP issues following PHP upgrade

Thank you for letting us know. Hope it gets fixed soon.

What do you mean by that? Either a WordPress plugin requires an extension which is not available, so it won’t work, or it doesn’t require/use an extension, so all is fine.


Thank you for the update.
I found an alternative way to install new plugin.
Download, unzip and then transfer through FTP
It’s working fine.

The Softaculous app now is working for me. Thanks.

Hello Admin
Any further updates on this as to the ETA for the fix. Been sitting helplessly on this issue for the last 24 hours !!!
Also wanted to understand that if the issue on the server does get resolved then do individual account holders need to do any installations/updates/deletions in their accounts for their software to run correctly?

If there is any news, I’ll post it in this topic. If I don’t post anything is this topic, there is no news.

iFastNet will build the PHP extension and roll them out on all servers. Doing so automatically installs and enables the missing extensions on all servers and all accounts. Free hosting doesn’t provide the option to choose PHP extensions, so you can’t control when these extensions are enabled even if you wanted to.


After Softaculous was up I instantly tested out if installing WP plugins work. Sad to see it still under an issue, hope it gets fixed soon.

The PHP ZIP (ZipArchive) extension. This is my issue so i cannot proceed with my site. Will not install plugins.


Can you please let me know if there is a timeframe when this will be resolved? Besides not being able to add plugins, does this affect using the URL of the website to automate a service like IFTTT?

Thank you

Thank you so much for the update!!!

Just to keep you inform what all things are not working at the moment.

1.) Not able to update Wordpress
2.) Not able to update theme on wordpress
3.) Not able to Install or Update Plugins
4.) Getting error: 500, 508…etc.

I hope it will start working soon. We believe you.

Thank you so much for updates!!!

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I’m sorry, but there is no timeframe.

To my knowledge, there isn’t anything new here which affects services like IFTTT.

You should still be able to call APIs on IFTTT and services like that, but receiving webhooks still won’t work because of this security system:


Perhaps along with reincluding the zip extension with php 7.4, I think it would be very useful for us to have the option to stick with php 7.3 if we choose to, like we can do with php 5.5 or 5.6 for instance. Any thoughts?

The end goal is to only support one PHP version at a time. PHP 5 is still being supported for legacy purposes, but it’s way past it’s expiration date and the only sites which should need it are horribly outdated anyways. But at some point, everyone will be moved onto PHP 7 and only one PHP version will be offered.

By then, support for multiple PHP versions will become a premium only feature. This is easier for iFastNet too, because premium hosting comes with HardenedPHP, which are old PHP versions with the security issues fixed.

The differences between PHP 7.3 and 7.4 are quite small, and the only reason to want to downgrade now is because of the missing extensions with PHP 7.4. But we don’t really want people to stick on PHP 7.3 forever, and building the ability to choose between these PHP versions may take more effort than just fixing PHP 7.4.

And the main reason the upgrade was rushed this time was because of security problems with PHP 7.3. And we really don’t want to offer insecure PHP versions if we can avoid it.

The next time PHP is upgraded, hopefully the new version PHP is built with all the right extensions at the time of release, which should make the upgrade a lot smoother.


Thank you for your reply sir. It’s good to know that.
I certainly don’t require or use legacy php when I do my server-side coding, however I suggested the existance of the ‘php 7.3 option’ (i.e. the previous php version that everybody was happy with for quite sometime and not necessarilly 7.3), since that would get us out of trouble easily in situations exactly like the one we are now.

Abort class-pclzip.php : Missing zlib extensions

I got this same issue for my website. I am using wordpress and i Cant install new updates or any of the plugins. Kindly fix it asap.

Kindly read the post above, at the very beginning of this topic.


Please fix this “JPEG support for the GD extension” ASAP. just like me most users can’t completely acces their sites!

Its a good new for every one that now the plugins are being install. I just found out the plugins are being and showing no errors now.
Hope so everyone should have their wordpress plugins problem solved.
Thank You Infinity free team for fixing this problem.

Sir finally problem is finished
(In my website now i can activate a plugin i just activated CMP plugin)

The problem is SOLVED now! Earlier today, the PHP ZIP, ZLIB and GD with JPEG support have been added to all servers. If you were using PHP 7.4 before, the extensions have automatically been added.

The thing is that this old PHP version has some really big security holes which would make everyone unhappy. Especially us.