Website pages problem

It is my website subdomain

I am unable to visit the website other pages.

Check the .htaccess files. Some code might prevent pages from being accessed. I’d also suggest if it’s wordpress to check if any plugin or theme is breaking the website and try to re-install them.

I hope that I helped


Yes, it is a wordpress website. .htaccess code

Try re-installing plugins. Something might not be installed correctly and causes errors.

While importing database I got the error. Are these errors creating the issue?

I’m not sure. I believe this just says that MySQL server stopped the query.

That error usually means the database query got killed. That can happen while importing a large dump.

You can work around this by splitting the import into multiple files and importing them separately. A tool like BigDump can help with that: BigDump: Staggered MySQL Dump Importer


I am getting this error when I use big dump

Woocommerce wp_actionscheduler_actions table is causing error

This is website’s .htaccess file inside htdocs

That might be a problem with BigDump. It’s quite an old tool.

Googling “mysql dump splitter” returns a couple of alternatives, and you may find more tools which can do this with different search queries. seems OK, but I’ve never used it.

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