Website only works on Chrome and Safaro on iPad

My website is:-

I can view it in Chrome and on my iPad(Safari), but on IE or Firefox get Error404.

As I’m new to this the HTML page is really simple. Just a couple of headings and images as I try to learn HTML.

Using Windows8.

Any help appreciated.


maybe it’s a caching issue?

you’ve to create index.php. and browsers don’t support capital wrds on url!

example Index2.html and index2.html are different

You must access Index2.html not index2.html because the Webserver is cAsE sEnSiTiVe.

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On one browser you were probably accessing and on the other browser You must access Index2.html because that‘s what the file is called.

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it shows me directory listing. PLEASE AND PLEASE rename it to index.html or index2.html


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