Website not working

Now working my files located in htdocs

opening other website

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I see this:

You’ll need to remove your domain from the control panel and then add it again.

If this was the domain you signed up with, after following this process you’ll also need to move your files from your main htdocs folder to the newly created one.


I checked your domain, and it’s not assigned to an account at all right now.

The method @ChrisPAR described will solve the issue. It seemed that something went wrong with the DNS records of your domain on our end, and recreating your domain fixes that.

One useful point to add: even after it is fixed, it can take up to 72 hours for the fixed DNS settings to be visible everywhere due to DNS caching. I see you’ve repeatedly deleted and re-created your domain, but that’s not necessary, and won’t solve the issue.


still not working I have removed and added again

Your domain added already, but you also changed your nameservers to those from instead of ours. You’ll need to change those back to and if you want to host your site with us.


I have checked its not working so i have change to other hosting

When I last checked, it wasn’t working because you changed the settings. Removing and re-adding the domain fixes it, but it will take 72 hours to be visible due to DNS caching. Changing your nameservers will also do that, both to change it from our nameservers to somewhere else, and the other way around too.

I get why you temporarily moved your domain to another provider while the issue was still unclear. But your domain is completely and correctly set up on our end now, and it will work if you change your domain back to our nameservers.


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