Website not working

Username epiz_33193166 or Website URL

Directly getting This site can’t be reached

what should I do ?

What is the URL?


maybe the site is not done setting up or you did not wait 24 - 48 hours

it was working fine , few days back and its still under development, even the wordpress page is not opening

it seems to work perfectly

but I am getting this

how long ago did you make the hosting account?

Account CREATION DATE is 2022-12-13

has the site ever loaded?

yes it was working perfectly fine ! just since last few days site has stopped loading , I even deleted the old wordpress and installed the new one but still its not loading

have you cleared browser cache

I literally tried in a brand new pc ! I went into a laptop showroom and tried logging into the website but still it refuses to load

thats weird i can not really help further if you have a vpn maybe try disabling maybe its your internet
i cant help any more its pretty weird

no vpn no proxy ! even tried with mobile data , different wifi network but nothing helps … I think this is some kinda hosting server issue

also when I activate VPN , the website just loaded … how can this be possible ?

That would be due to a DNS an issue. Note that the system is also experiencing issues at the moment, see the pinned topic.


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