Website Not Working

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Error Message

there is a 404 message being displayed on my domain, although my files are correct. i am trying to host with mybb software, and its not working.

Other Information

how can i get this to fix? is the url i mean

I see this

Please show your dns record


i have it set to the two nameservers needed.

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Should be working soon

Just wait for dns propagation


the site is up now, but it is completely broken. seems the style is not applying, idk how to fix it

Looks ok to me


oh so its my dns then?

If you see broken styling, I don’t think the issue is DNS. Either your computer knows where to find your website or it doesn’t, and if knows where to get the page itself it also knows where to get the styles for it.

This sounds more like browser cache. Could you try clear your browser cache and then check again?


this fixed it, ty