Website not working! installations wordpress not wp-admin log in , DNS_PROBE_FINISHED_NXDOMAIN

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Hi and welcome to the forum


Our NS does not return the hosting IP
which means that you have not been assigned an IP

You can solve this by removing the domain from our system and adding it again
and that will force the server to assign you an IP


How do i remove the domain from the system? through the cpanel? or i have to deactivate the account?

Go to the domains section and seek for “addon domains”. At there you’ll see a list of your current domains(should only 1 being present), and you can click on the red “delete” button.
Then in go back to the domain section and hit “add a subdomain”. It should be all good in this way.


After delete the domain, do you mean Add a new domain not a “subdomain”?
After that do i have to install a new wordpress ?
Thank you for your help

You should add a new subdomain, not a whole domain.

After doing this, it is recommended to reinstall wordpress instead of copying the whole old htdocs into the new as it will be much easier.
You probably need to copy the old htdocs/wp-config.php to the new place.


if i create a sub domain could assign my original domain ( to it?

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Oops! I didn’t notice that you are using a custom domain (I must be drunken) :joy:
Then it is OK to go to the “add a domain” and add your current domain to it.


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