Website not updating

Please I don’t know why my website is not updating anymore, for example, if I upload a picture and rename it today.png, whenever I delete it and try uploading another one using the same name, it won’t show up the new updated picture but the old one.

Did you clear browser cache after update?


Yes, I’ve tested it on different devices, and it’s still the same

Well, you need to fill up according to the template.
Without providing the url or link, no one can help you
Screenshot what you did and what did not work.
These info will be good in aiding you…


I don’t think this is about coding because I’ve been having this issue for more than a year which makes me to create different domain’s.

It’s ok, can’t help you then.

If it is coding issue, I do not see how changing domain will help

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Could you please try in Private Browsing or Incognito mode? Or maybe use a VPN in case you are using a web proxy.

Testing on a different domain isn’t going to help if the different device also has the file cached. But bypassing or clearing cache isn’t that difficult.


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