Website not updating

I’ve tried to update my website by removing the files in htdocs and upload a new one. But it still not updating. Then I claimed another subdomain for the new update. How it be like that? Tq

Hello @an12440h.

I am here to solve your issue.

First of about your old domain I don’t see a reason why ‘updating’ your website should not work. Curently it seems like both of your domains are displaying the same content/design?

I guess this is your final look that you wanted to get.

Anyways for future knowledge it is very easy to upload your website files to any of your domains/sub-domains. Simply locate the corresponding folder that will be named exactly same as your domain or subdomain. For example your domain’s folder would be named same. Then under that folder there is htdocs folder where you upload your website files. It couldn’t be easier.

I hope you will have a nice day!