Website Not Turning on after 24h

Website Not Turning ON AFTER 24H can someone help me???

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The problem its passed 25h Now… not turning on still

Maybe it got suspended again? Can you check the client area and let me know?

Also, using caps is not going to make people want to help you.

Check your mail. if any mail like this

Yes, it looks like you got suspended a second time. Did you read this article about how to prevent this in the future?

Yea but it was yesterday it already pass 24h idk why this keeps saying suspended i need this for a really important work :frowning:

EDIT: It says active but site still showing ifastnet publicity

Note that it can take a few minutes (sometimes hours) before the site comes back live.

Note that even when it comes back, it will just get suspended again of you don’t make any changes. If you have a backup, you can create a new account (if you have less than three), and upload the files there, note that you will want to only upload the most important files, because if the new account is a duplicate, it will just get suspended.

i wont change more code there i just need my website on to show to some people that’s it

I checked your account and it was reactivated after 24 hours and 5 minutes.

Please note that the times in the client area are in UTC (which is why we show relative times on the main account page), and you may need to convert them to your local time first.

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