Website not showing up

So i’ve been waiting for 72 hours for the domain to process through and it still shows the default webpage for me

Could anyone test if the website works possibly i may need to do something to my internet or dns.

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Your domain name is down for me too, and that’s because that subdomain is currently not assigned to any hosting account.

I see you’ve deactivated your account shortly after it was created, and then reactivated it. You need to delete all domains from your account before deactivating the account, but reactivating an account does NOT restore domain names you deleted from the account before closing it.

To fix this, you’ll need to go to the Subdomains section in your control panel and add your subdomain again there.

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Oh yes my fault i added the same subdomain now, so do i have to re-wait the 72 hours?

Okay i have 1 problem, i am getting HTTP ERROR 500 when now trying to access site, i am using my own Mysql to connect to on the website, this is when it started to say that. I have a PHP file that has my own local DB info in it and it connects and puts data from mysql to the website. Any ideas?

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