Website not showing properly (
I forward my domain laptopof. com from GoDaddy to Infinity free “laptopof. epizy. com”
with the help of the domain nameservers to and,
my website on the (laptopof. epizy. com/)" works great and ok, but my website link (// not showing images and showing some extra skip to contact link text which is not on “laptopof.epizy .com”.

Most likely due to CORS policy on free hosting.
Hot linking will not work as well.
If you want image to show, you cannot do forward from .com to
I believe your are using custom domain as parked domain.
Try moving it to addon domain


after using Addon Domains it shows an empty page “Directory Listing”

This is expected. You can start to create your WordPress blog from here.

Or you can move it from

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