Website not showing globally

Hello. Website not displaying globally, only in North America at the present time. I changed DNS to epizy servers about 4 days ago, so it’s been more than enough time to properly propogate.

I contacted the registrar, they said all is setup correctly at their end. They suggested i contact the hosting provider as there could be some issues.

For me it’s showing properly. So the solution is this:

thank you but where exactly is the solution? I need people in asia and australia to see my website but they can’t and i dk why? it is a newly registered domain name so it’s not in anyone’s cache anywhere.

Here is a result of a ping:

Tested From: Guangzhou, China
Tested At: 2019-08-15
16:48:36 (GMT +00:00)
URL Tested:
Resolved As:
Status: Could not resolve: (Timeout while contacting DNS servers)
Response Time: 23.183 sec
DNS: 0.000 sec
Connect: 23.183 sec
Redirect: 0.000 sec
First Byte: 0.000 sec
Last Byte: 0.000 sec
Size: 0 bytes
Tested From: Melbourne, Australia
Tested At: 2019-08-15
16:48:36 (GMT +00:00)
URL Tested:
Resolved As:
Status: Could not resolve: (Timeout while contacting DNS servers)
Response Time: 24.987 sec
DNS: 0.000 sec
Connect: 24.987 sec
Redirect: 0.000 sec
First Byte: 0.000 sec
Last Byte: 0.000 sec
Size: 0 bytes

HTTP Headers

This is what the registrar suggested:

As I can see this domain is currently pointed to a third-party hosting provider.
yes im using a custom domain
As it is only possible to ban certain IP addresses only on the hosting provider’s side please contact them to check the possible blocking filter.
oh maybe the IP address is blocked?
It is most probably that indeed the IP addresses are blocked as they determine the location of certain users.

my only explanation why it’s only being seen in north america is even though it’s been 4 days since i changed the DNS to point to epizy servers, possibly for some strange reason it’s not properly propogated globally as of yet. (hasnt gone through the pipe to the computers on the other side of the world).

My second hunch is some form of blocking of EPIZY servers (the IP’s), I have my DNS pointing to epizy1 and epizy2 , perhaps if i were to change them to other nameservers, the IP would also change but i dont know this…??? (example: maybe an epizy 4 or 5??)

Pinging an IP address doesn’t tell the status of it. And, don’t exist, and will not serve your website.

i see. perhaps then it is the propogation issue? it needs more time

Yes, that is a propagation issue and will need more time. If your visitors want to view the website quickly, from the article “When will my domain name start working?”:

Clear your computer’s DNS cache

You can clear your computer’s DNS cache to force your computer to look up your domain name again. cPanel has written instructions on how to clear DNS cache on various operating systems. You can read their instructions here.

Note that this will only clear the DNS cache on your own computer, not the cache with your DNS Resolver. If your DNS Resolver still has the old records cached, you will not see your website.

Edit your hosts file to override DNS settings

Instead of doing a DNS lookup, your computer also has a so-called hosts file. This file can point domain names to IP addresses on your own computer, and will be checked before any DNS lookup is done. So you can change the hosts file of your computer to point your domain name to your new IP address, before the DNS cache has cleared (or even before any DNS changes have been made).

HowToGeek has a great article on how to make changes to your computer’s hosts file here. You can find the website’s IP address to use by following this guide.

Switch to a better DNS resolver

One of the biggest problems with DNS caching is that DNS Resolvers can cache their results for a long time, and there is no way to clear their caches unless you operate the DNS Resolver yourself.

Fortunately, you are (generally) not forced to use the DNS Resolver provided by your internet provider. Many routers and most devices offer ways to configure your own DNS Resolvers. There are a few great DNS resolvers available for everyone to use. Many of these DNS resolvers don’t cache results as long as the resolvers operated by internet providers, and are sometimes even faster!

A few popular, fast and free DNS resolvers are:

Which DNS resolver is the fastest for you depends on your location and your network connection. In order to figure out which provider is the fastest (and check some other options) you can use a tool like Namebench to test and compare DNS resolvers.

i see. so a DNS resolver could be the solution.

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i will wait a bit longer. thank you so much for your kind suggestions! :–D

I dk why it’s taking so long this time? last time i did this everybody globally could see another site of mine within a day or so. go figure…:–/

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Where did you get those ping results from? From other people running it on their own computer or from some online tool?

The IP addresses of our nameservers are provided from multiple locations around the world. But the number of people reporting random DNS issues makes me suspect that some of these locations are malfunctioning. That would explain the random DNS issues for some people while other people do not have these problems.

Could you please make a traceroute from one of these error locations to and share them here? The traceroute will show which location you connect to to resolve your DNS.

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I used an online tool.

Here is the traceroute of from Sydney Au.
Traceroute to from Sydney - AUS

traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets([Download traceroute](data:text/plain;charset=utf-8,traceroute to (, 30 hops max, 40 byte packets%0A 1 * * *%0A 2 * * *%0A 3 * * *%0A 4 * * *%0A 5 * * *%0A 6 ( 0.117 ms 0.216 ms 0.558 ms%0A 7 ( 2.889 ms 5.479 ms 4.607 ms%0A 8 ( 1.681 ms 1.849 ms 1.711 ms%0A 9 ( 0.861 ms 1.035 ms 0.817 ms%0A10 * * *%0A11 ( 2.259 ms 2.299 ms 2.402 ms%0A12 ( 152.251 ms 152.311 ms 152.442 ms%0A13 ( 151.116 ms 151.133 ms 151.154 ms%0A14 ( 150.901 ms 150.952 ms 150.956 ms%0A15 ( 151.775 ms 151.863 ms 150.994 ms%0A16 ( 194.936 ms 194.840 ms 195.318 ms%0A))
Hop Node Response Time(ms)
1 * -
2 * -
3 * -
4 * -
5 * -
6 ( 0.558
7 ( 4.607
8 ( 1.711
9 ( 0.817
10 * -
11 ( 2.402
12 ( 152.442
13 ( 151.154
14 ( 150.956
15 ( 150.994
16 ( 195.318

And here is the website availability today globally

Europe, a lot of China, and north america seem ok, but australia is still not available

Thank you for sharing the traceroute!

Your message, and those from others, have clearly helped to indicate that the Los Angeles DNS servers were malfunctioning. This has been corrected now. Can you please check if your domain works now?

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Thanks!, … here is the result . I didn’t submit all locations, but on this search France and tampa FL didnt show up.
All points in China, Europe, and Australia came in.

this is the traceroute from Paris france to

this is the traceroute from Tampa FL to

ON running all asian and australian locations, everything came back but Seoul SK

This is the traceroute from Seoul SK to

Regarding the Tampa and Seoul locations:

Tampa - US - Could not run test as location server may be down.

I’m not sure whether that’s a false positive on the monitoring side or actually a hosting issue. The traceroute from Tampa goes to Ashburn, which appears to be working fine from my own monitoring side.

The Paris error sounds like it’s an issue with the connection to the website server rather than with the DNS server. But the websites are not globally distributed, so there should not be any difference depending on where in the world you are.

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i understand, thanks.

By the way, i had someone check my site from Schenzhen China, with their cellphone. They can’t see it yet…, yet when i did the availability check, it showed up as OK…go figure…:-/