Website not opening after adding domain name

Username (epiz_33200618)

( to

Error message - Directory listing

( It’s just showing only Directory listing with no content on it ) By the I just added the new domain

Other Information - Please just tell me what I need to do.

(other information and details relevant to your question)

This is what I see

This is expected


You need to upload your website files


Please what do I do

How do I do it… When I checked the file I saw the folder buy empty.

You can start by installing WordPress

That is correct. If you add a domain through the Addon Domains, the domain is assigned to a new folder which is empty.

Your old WordPress installation is in the main htdocs folder where is was used on your subdomain. Seeing how you’ve already removed your subdomain, you can’t add the domain as a Parked Domain anymore, which means your only option to migrate the existing site is to move all the files from the main htdocs folder to the folder.

You will also need to update the website URL in WordPress to make it work on your new domain. The official article from WordPress describes the entire process in more detail:


Thanks guys… By the way since am on free mode I’m ******** *** :smirk:. If I have any issue I will get back to you guys

Hello… Is there anywhere.?

I already moved the htdocs files to what do I do next after moving this…?

I refreshed my wp admin website it’s still not loading



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