Website not opening after account reactivation

i deactivated the specified account for about 20 days, then i reactivated it and now ithe webpage does not open anymore.
What should i do to gain webaccess again?

account name: epiz_25913235

site url? BTW you’ve to re-add your domain/sub-domain from cpanel in order to get your site to work.


Please send us an screenshot here

Site url was:
I can definately provide a screenshot.
What you want me to capture?

The exact problem that you have, or use a screenshot in this site and send it here.

you can find here

  1. the panel for the account
  2. if I go to the old domain name i see a blank page
  3. If i go to i see a suspended domain page


Could you try to readding the domain back? Cause it was like your domain has been removed.

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DO NOT VISIT THIS OR OPEN is the only domain that you have.


first of all thank you for your prompt help.
How i can re-add the domain back?

If you are using a custom domain or your own domain:

If not, like if you only want a

Choose your account you want to use > Control Panel > Click on Subdomain > Create a subdomain.

thank you! one last thing, is it possible to change the home directory for this domain?
because i have already all the files in \htdocs as it was working from there before suspension

No? Just move those files and folders from ‘there before suspension directory’ into the new home directory.


I spoke too early. for some reason even after more than 12 hours the site brings me to this page:

@theloner Your website works for me just something is broken. Make sure you cleared your browser’s and DNS cache.

Your website:


I just tried clearing DNS and changed also browser, but after your comment i see its just a problem with my provider’s DNS which is not updated yet. Using it resolves it correctly. thanks again.


No problem. I’m happy that I helped you resolve the problem :wink:

Please note that most DNS changes can take up to 72 hours to be visible everywhere. This includes adding a subdomain to an account.

Changing your computer’s DNS resolver to a faster service (Google caches the least in my experience) is a good workaround.


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