Website not displaying some parts of some pages

Hi everyone, I am using a premade script that is working fine on local server but parts of some php pages (where I have to connect to my database) dot no show. I don’t know what what is wrong as the same pages have displayed fully on other hosting servers before

my url:
Please help

It sounds like an issue with your database configuration. However, if you need me (or anyone else), to check anything it would help a lot if you could explain more about what parts of your website are broken, because I don’t see any issues.

Most of the parts in php/mysql don’t display.

@mayordom said:
Most of the parts in php/mysql don’t display.

What “php/mysql” parts do you mean? Can you please provide URLs and explain exactly what is missing?

All html pages are displaying properly but pages with php code are not displaying These same pages are showing correctly on my local xampp server

your website has more problems

Loading failed for the script with source

elem.classList.add(c) IS NULL

unreachable code after return statement mainJs.js if(document.getElementById('checkPass').value==1)

after search for houses >there is more errors
TypeError: target is null nouislider.js

your nouislider version is 8 but there is v11 online… maybe helps
but it is likely to be a problem with an incompatible jquery version with other plugins, etc.