Website not appearing on Google.

My website has been up for a very good amount of time and I have had many other of my website appear on Google before but I cant get this one, I have added tags, SEO, ect… Still nothing


@glitcher32 There are many things to do before appearing to search engine.

  1. Your website should be connected to a Google Console (Webmaster) and fetched
  2. Try to submitting XML sitemap
  3. Use some SEO plugins like Yoast
  4. Fetch as Google
  5. Add webmaster accounts to your website like Bing Webmaster, Google Search Console
  6. Change your website privacy to Public and indexed
  7. Check the robot.txt file of your site and check if Google Bots can reach your site
  8. Create Backlinks using back-link creator
  9. Check the broken Links with nofollow content
  10. Use some SEO tools
  11. Try Google Developer to rate Your site and check for errors
  12. Want some traffic use some automattic traffic exchange like Hitleap
  13. Use some tools that are available for free at
    Contact me for more help, I’m here to help not play games.

Add your website to Google search console!