Website Layout Keeps Breaking(

Hey i’m experiencing problems with my website
I just created this website and i keep having to reload it at least 3 time for the styles to work properly. Whenever i update it, it returns an html version of my website which is really annoying and is not a good user experience. I tried clearing the website cache, clearing my browser cache and all my plugins and themes are up to date. i set them to auto update. tried so many youtube solutions and still nothing

Your website is correctly loading for me. There seems to be no issue with your website.


I really don’t know if it’s a browser issue. I’ll try to open it on other people and see if it works find there and then i’ll update this thread

Hard to click main layout-menu. I just can click sweater.
Other feature is good.

This happens when your internet connection is poor, browsers stop loading additional assets after certain time.
No issues for me and probably everyone else.


Thanks for the feedback. I’ll work on that

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Seems like i’m the only person experiencing this thing. I guess i have to update my browser. i was stressing so much. Thanks by the way🙏

Though. It’s like basic feature. You can tune it up. The javascript and css.
Yea. I see again it’s link is working now.

Sometime breaking. It’s like standard car. All is working good. But you can tune it up. So working great even low connection. :grinning:

Note: my internet is good anyway.

There is actually a really simple solution to this, and absolutely nothing is wrong with your browser (In fact, it’s working correctly).

Your browser caches a version of your site for faster loading in the future, and that is what you are seeing now.

To fix this, all you have to do is clear your cache:


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