Website keywords Rank problems

I face problems with find my website using the Keywords related to my website content or with Keywords i put in the code even the anlyze tools doesn’t recognize it i proved that i’m the owner of the website on Google console i made the Keywords related to content i tried to make high quality content but nothing changed

First of all, your site would never appear on Google instantly. You have to wait until Google decides to start including your site in search results.

Secondly, the screenshot that you provided doesn’t seem to be Google’s tool. Can you explain what that tool does?


When I search Google for, I get zero results. So I think the first thing to focus on right now is to just get your site indexed. If no pages are in search engines, then there is nothing to rank.

Looking at the URL, it seems to be Moz Analytics, which is an SEO analysis tool. And quite a costly one at that.

If you are ready to spend money to get your site ranked well, I highly recommend to buy a domain name first. Own domain names tend to get ranked better than free subdomains due to noisy neighbors, and also mean you’ll have an easier time using other services and providers with your domain since you’ll actually own the full domain.

I checked your site, and all I see is a landing page with little content and a broken design, all internal links go to 404 pages, a robots.txt file with an invalid sitemap link, and a sitemap that only contains your home page.

So I don’t know where you published this “high quality content”, but I can’t find it, and I’d be surprised if search engines had any more luck.


It’s a tool like Google search console it’s included in this chrome extension

This a screenshot from Google search console

I said i tried i did my best but it wasn’t enough at all

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