Website keeps crashing!

my website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
so I am searching for my website at google chrome but it is just loading and after 1 min it comes up a message something like this: can’t find the website!

sometimes it does work and it finds the website after just 2-4 sec which is good, but 60% of the time it does not work!

I am using WordPress.

Additional information:
my account is now around 2-3 weeks old and I started to get this problem some days ago.
What to do?

I have checked your domain, and it looks like your domain settings are not correct. You’ve configured to your domain to use the nameservers:

However, those last three nameservers don’t exist. Only and are valid servers.

Please replace “” in these nameservers with “”, which does have 5 working nameserver addresses.

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So like


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