Website keeps breaking spontaneously

See for yourself:

All my products are gone. This shouldn’t have happened because I haven’t made any changes to my website in months, and all my software and apps are disabled from updating.

The only thing I did was renew my SSL certificate, since it was expiring.

So there’s no reason this should’ve happened. Who’s doing this?

A quick check tells me the WooComerance plugin is not working. Please make sure it is active, and ready for HTTPS.

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You’re right. But I have updates to wordpress and woocommerce turned off. I made absolutely no changes in many months besides updating the expiring SSL certificate. And it was working on SSL previously, so this is impossible. Now I have to find a way to fix it.

Turn it back on than!

Updates for woocommerce? I just tried to update it, and now the site is completely broken. It won’t load at all and is unfixable. Only thing I can do now is delete everything and start over from scratch with backups. Only I don’t think I will, because it will just break again spontaneously like the last 2 times. There’s no point. It’s a waste of time. Someone is messing with it.

You said you have a backup, so let’s use it wisely.

  1. log in to your account via FTP, and go to /htdocs/wp-content/plugins and delete the WooComerance plugin folder.

  2. Refresh your website. If it is working, you can try copying your backed up copy of the plugin to the shop, or starting from scratch with a new WooComeramce plugin. Your products and such should still be saved (As I believe they are stored in a database), so you shouldn’t loose a lot of work.

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