Website just doesn't make sense with the files and url

I have a problem about my website about its files and URL like when I put the URL wich is my website it showed the old index.html file which is deleted then when I put a /?i=1 at the end or a https:// it changes to the new index.html file which is not deleted. What is this and is this fixable?

English is not my first language :neutral:

It sounds like browser cache. Please press CTRL+F5 to reload the page.

That’s what I always do when it happens.

And still the same thing for. Maybe it just need some time to fix itself.

Damnit I didn’t double check on what I’m typing sorry.

Just remembered that after I posted this forum post minutes later like the infinity free website just like gone offline then after exploring the website to see if anything is still online in the website I checked my website then I see it just fine, everything in my website just gone what I wanted it to go and not broken. Maybe it will just fix when like the website resets but idk.