Website is very slow to load and loads with errors

My website takes a very long time to loads and initially loads with /?i=1 after the url, and it’s full of layout errors, missing picture links, missing menus etc.

If i then click on the logo placeholder it reloads corrrectly without errors, and without the /?i=1 suffix in the address.

Any pointers as to why this is happening?

Thanks in advance

Try to read this

The ?i=1 suffix is a counter. When you first load your website, some Javascript will be sent to your browser to verify it can execute the code and store a cookie. The page will then reload with the ?=1 suffix. On the next request, the server checks if your browser has the security system cookie. If not, your browser will get a new security challenge to set the cookie again, and be redirected to a URL with suffix ?i=2

If the counter hits 3 and your browser still doesn’t send a valid cookie, you’ll be redirected to a page with instructions on how to enable cookies in your browser. This way, your browser will not get stuck in a redirect loop.


The issue is that all the URLs on your website use Since our hosting blocks hotlinking from other domains, all these URLs don’t work on

To fix this, the best way is to redirect visitors going to to You may be able to do this from the WordPress settings, but you can also find plenty of .htaccess snippets on the web to do this.

Just DON’T just the Redirects tool in the control panel for this, it will break your site.


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