Website is suspended

Username is: epiz_31134365
Website is:

Whenever I try to go to wordpress or the admin page it redirects to


I see a 404 error page when I open your website, witch means that the files for your website are missing. Can you try clearing your cache and uploading any missing files?

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This is a fresh WordPress install I can’t even access the admin page. I am new to WordPress and was under the impression that I create my site from the admin dashboard but everything is suspended.

Also by clearing cache are you referring to my browser or dns because I’ve cleared both and it didn’t help

It is working just fine for me now, maybe you were just unsuspended.

Perhaps try a different computer, network, or browser.


That’s so weird, I’m gonna try when I get home and see what’s up

The account was only created yesterday, so this is most likely just DNS cache.


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