Website is still not reachable

I have uploaded my files via online file manager. I have also created the database. I am not able to access my website via browser. what is wrong?
nevertheless I did not find the install script mentioned in getting started. I don’t know if this is necessary since I did not use any of the tools mentioned for development. I just uploaded my files and folders into the htdocs files.

I am a bit confused. This has been over 2 weeks. can anyone ?

First of All you need to describe your error and whenever you choose hosting support category, you are supposed to fill out all the detailed information that is asked you there. Remember this from future.

Tell your Website URL

Thank you for your response.

the website is
the domaine name in control panel is

the error I am getting is Website is not reachable.

are those information sufficient?


As I can see,
The website is reachable and working correctly
*The website is showing infinity free’s default page. You can remove it by deleting index2.html from your domain’s htdocs folder.

Is there is something else can I assist you with?

The website is working fine from here as well. The big question is of course, why doesn’t it work for you?

Could you please check if you can access your website from another device or another network? It’s possible that some overzealous virus scanner or network administrator is blocking access to our servers.


unfortunatelly I am still not able see the pages.

Below are the screenshots. I want to add that I have also tried I got the same results, even if I move all files and folders out of the holalalala folder.

On the other hand with, I am being redirected to a completly new url. see screenshot

This seems to be your account is suspended…

You don’t need to worry… Your account is up, and your website is working fine now. Try clearing your cache and cookies and try using it from another browser or another device. If the problem still persists, feel free to reply back


Unfortunately I am still having the same problem. Please are you getting the page displayed when you call the page like I did?

The 2nd link you gave me did not worked correctly… It showed a 404 page, that goes to InfinityFree


Thanks again. which one of them? or 
or or

Wail Please, :droplet: Let me check all the links… Could you please write them in regular format, so that I can check them by clicking? (Not in a Quoted Format?)

This link redirects to (SUSPENDED ACCOUNT)

This also Redirects to (SUSPENDED ACCOUNT)

Error: IP Address Could not be found.

Error: IP Address Could not be found

I was getting an error when adding them without quotes.

with the results gotten what do you think I should do?
for the suspended and the ip address not found?

thank you again for your support.

You could see the possible reason for your suspension of your account in your account Home Page - Login to your account - InfinityFree.
Then accordingly

tell me.


I am not seeing no information on suspension. see screenshot

It seems that this domain is suspended… Not that one.


It is from the same account. the domain you mentioned, I got it from cpanel. see screenshot. I have not found any information on it. maybe it is dependent on the holalalala.epizy. They are both using this account epiz_23421631