Website Is Slow But Working

My Website’s Not Affected By DDoS But It Is Getting A Lot Slower, In The Past It Was About 1.5 Second But Now It’s 5 Seconds. What Happened?
Website URL :

For me it took 2 seconds. Depending where do you connect or your internet is slow

Well My Internet Connection Is About 40-100 MBPS

Even If It’s Cached In My Browser It Still Takes About 3 Seconds

Or Maybe It’s Because I Only Opened It Just Now?

I’m also confused. Because i visited your site again and took 2 seconds again :confused:

What how much times it was needed to load before?

It Was Around 3-5 Seconds But In The Past It Was Around 1 Second

For me it took around 7/8 seconds to load. Maybe because of a few things:

  • The server load;
  • The network performance (if you are far away from the fiber cabinet and it has 100 Mbps, the speed might decrease);
  • Where are you connecting from (don’t see my profile for my location, as I written all the lyrics of my favorite song; I’m Italian really, and sometimes the network is slow).

Ok Then. But It’s Just So Slow… (Not My Internet Provider Of Course They’re Fast)

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