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The website is not updating. i have uploaded new files and folders. but that change is not showing in my URL. but that change is appearing in my file from cpanel file manager. All 24 hours have been spent.

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Is this what you expect to see?

If not, please clear your browser cache by pressing a few times Ctrl+F5 while visiting your website. If that doesn’t work (because some browsers are stubborn), then follow this guide:


i have cleared my cookies. still i am not getting updates. look if my site will load properly then it will show like this. check the yellow highlighted word.

I checked my url on my phone which I never opened. still old page is being displayed. i have updated some content like terms and conditions, privacy page URL and my footer where I placed my other links…

I don’t see the “ok” word on the title, but the Social Media links show different results to me too.

I had a quick look at your account and I see you’re using Laravel with Inertia. I know Laravel, but I’ve never used Inertia, so I don’t know how views and controllers work with it.

But some general things to check, did you:

  • compile the new frontend assets locally (notably the Vue components)?
  • upload all the compiled assets to your hosting account (including manifest files and the like)?
  • clear caches, both in your browser and in your website backend?

ok , i got it. may be i can fix it.

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