Website is not reachable

Hello I need help. Actually I have created a website few days ago. It is still unreachable. I am trying from many days.

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Whats your domain?

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my domain is

reachable from front but not from backend

What is front and what is backend?

Can you please be specific about what the issue is? We don’t know your website, the software is using or how it’s set up. So please describe the issue in detail and with specifics instead of single sentence statements which can’t be understood without knowledge only you have.


Seems reachable to me:

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By "backend” I thing he means, which does not work for me.

I see, seems to me that wp-admin is demanding a secure “https” connection. @ HAMZAALI1234, your site is running currently on http, but when I go to access /wp-admin, it changes the url to one with https, which either isn’t configured in your site or is broken. I get the following error if I try to view your site in https:


My conclusion, if this is the problem, is that you should install (or reinstall) a (new) SSL certificate for their site, it seems like the easiest way. The following article may be of help:

I hope I’m not jumping to too big of a conclusion ;-;


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