Website is loading old pages

My username is epiz_22280982
My website is shown deleted old pages.
When I search my google for my website, old pages deleted are shown together with other new pages.
Old pages are when clicked on are directed to 404 error. The error is 404 Page Not Found

Can someone help to see what I can do to rectified this problem.

Also the SSL is coming up with error on some browsers, any help please?


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Insufficient info. Very vague. Please provide more details


Try clearing your cache.


My website is

When I search the onlypresenceisgod on google, some old pages already deleted from server is coming up on the search.
Now when I clicked on the old pages google brought up, it is shows up as 404

404 Page Not Found

Now how do I removed those old pages shown on search result from the server permanently so that it will not show up again.

I have cleared my cache on my computer but it is still shown.

But I just checked it is only shown when I used to search.

It is shown my current pages on the server when I search on

Strange isn’t it?


All of your pages are found for me. Please try clearing your browser cache and purging Google’s and Bing’s cache.


It will take time for the crawler to find those pages again and delete them in the search and crawl new pages!

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Thanks for checking.

But the link below is from the bing search result, this is after clearing history on bing.
It still shown no page 404 error.

What could caused the problem?

The first link is the old deleted website page, I do not understand why it is still shown on bing search, even after clearing the history.

This is the new link that should be shown on bing search

No, it is not

This is working


Pray to the Google gods that they update their indexes quickly?

Google checks your site when Google wants to check your site, and Google shows the results Google wants to show. If you remove pages that were indexed by Google before, and Google hasn’t caught onto it yet, then Google will keep showing the old pages until Google decides to update them.

Nobody but Google can truly fix that.

But you can do things to mitigate it. When deleting a page, you can just delete it and let it go to a standard 404 page. But you could also redirect it to a different page that replaces it. So have redirect to

Not only is this better for users because they can click the old link and see the new page, but it’s better for SEO too, because the reputation of the previous page will be transferred to the new one.


Thanks for the reply.
Please is there any guidelines on how to do the redirect?


Just search the web? You can use HTML, Javascript, PHP or .htaccess rules to do redirects. Take your pick!

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Also Cloudflare

you can save a file called .htaccess into your htdocs directory which contains this line

ErrorDocument 404 /

this will cause all 404 errors to redirect the browser to the main index page

or you can create a custom error page if you like, name it something like 404.html

and then replace the / in the .htaccess file with /404.html

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