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I don’t know why I can’t open it, my computer can browse normally, but other computers can’t. If I open it on my cell phone, I can use traffic, but I can’t open it with wireless network, and I can only go over the wall (using proxy network) to enter on other computers.

Error message

Additional Information

I installed WordPress on my website and used the theme inside.

No issue


Looks like some issue with your wifi or mobile provider in China?


Most computers can not open, but all computers can be accessed through the proxy, cell phones connected to some wifi can not open, data network can

You’re not using a proxy?

I’m not using any proxy or VPN
Working without any issue.

The connection reset error, combined with the fact that it only affects the home/WiFi network, not data, leads me to believe that there is a security filter on your network that is blocking access to our servers.

Unfortunately, free services tend to get abused a lot, and while we do our best to prevent and stop any abuse as quickly as possible, some organizations think we’re not doing enough and would rather block all access to our hosting instead of working with us to try to fix it.

Please check this with your network administrator or internet service provider. The fact that your site works when using the proxy and using mobile data means your site is working.


…And considering where you are from (China?) There is a high possiblity to have any site blocked by your internet service provider due to the censorship.
I know I suffer the same.


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