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404! We couldn’t find that page. Please check to make sure you’ve typed the URL correctly. This webserver is CaSe SenSiTiVe so ensure capital letters in the URL match the files uploaded.
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My File manager is showing white screen and it is not displaying any of the root files also and my files and folders also
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Hi There! :smile:

Just like the error is SaYiNg, ensure that all variables, function names, and other names(in PHP, JS, and also the data paths) are correct because they are case sentitive on these servers.

I have a file that must be included named “QweRTy.html”. In normal rules (no restrictions), it will worked as qwerty.html, qWerty.html, and so on.

but in strict rules, you must correctly set that will 100% match to the filenames. You cant use qwerty.html, qWerty.html but it should QweRTY.html.

Summary: Check your index file and make sure it is either index.html and index.php and not Index.php or etc. Note: its safe to just lowercase the letters in filenames to avoid file conflicts.
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I think this is temporary issue. Try again later and see if it works.

Ok , but after how much time should try it again.

In a few hours, specifically about 1 hour or 2 hours.

ok, thank you sir

I am still facing with the same problem. At least give my website backup please.

Try removing your domain (the addon domain) and adding it back again.

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