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My website was suspended yesterday without knowing why, but I didn’t do anything, I didn’t even upload a file. When I send a letter to the support ticket, it puts it on hold, please someone explain what is the reason for this?

Username: epiz_31180116


Check client area for the reason of suspension.
Did you violate TOS?


No, it was only closed one day because of a file uploaded by a friend, which must be the only breach, but it didn’t happen after that.

Still no response, my website has been closed for no reason, not even an explanation has been made?

Cool story.

I see you’ve created a dozen different client area profiles, and multiple accounts of these had phishing pages uploaded.

We don’t do business with phishers. Or people who let their “friends” repeatedly upload phishing pages to their accounts for that matter.


What kind of phishing are you talking about? There are many accounts opened in my name, friends are dealing with such things and the website that was closed is not even a matter of phishing, I ask you to look carefully. website harmless website What I don’t know does not belong to me

Look, my problem is not the website, what is important to me is the software projects I have archived and yesterday I suddenly get the message that the website was suspended. There are 10 infinty accounts in my name, but I do not use all of them, I gave them to my friends, I am having this question only because of them, sorry but it is not my fault.


If you violate our terms, you are done. You can’t host with us again, and you cannot get a backup (Which you are supposed to have by the way).

The way I am seeing things, you broke three rules.

  1. You shared your password (This is technically forbidden in the TOS)
  2. Content was uploaded to an account user your email that violated our terms (Does not matter who uploaded it, it’s on your account, so you are responsible).
  3. You created more then one client area account

Oh, and I forgot, you also broke a fourth rule. You can only have 3 accounts per person, not 10.


First of all, I did not break the terms, I did not share my password, my friend asked me to open an account for him, I did, and what would have changed if it were otherwise, your answer will be the same. You don’t even respond to the support ticket here, even if I answer, nothing will change, the only thing I regret is the files in it have a nice day

  • You had more then one client account
  • You had more then three hosting accounts
  • Phishing content was found in your account

Thank you for hosting with us, but good bye.


Next time, if your friend asks you to open an account for them: don’t.

Ask them to sign up themselves. It’s free and takes only a few minutes. And that way, if they do any bad stuff, it won’t reflect badly on you.

The limit is 3 accounts per person. If you created 10 accounts, then you have 10 accounts, which violates our terms.

So again, if your friends need accounts, then have them create accounts.

Also, resale or redistribution of our services is prohibited (see section 17 in our ToS).

If phishing is uploaded to one of your account, you’re out. We don’t care that you have other sites that are not phishing. If you think uploading phishing is OK, or that you’re so reckless with your accounts that you enable others to do so, we can’t trust you to use our services responsibly.