Website/FTP Completely Inaccessible

My website is taking unreasonable amounts of time to load. No recurring or faulty code, no images apart from favicon, 1.56KB of code and almost only jQuery is implemented. Usual loading time ranges from 40 seconds to 5 minutes. Sometimes (<5% of the cases) it loads instantly or never finishes loading (hours).
Is there anything I can do? It is extremely inconvenient and the website is basically unusable.
My account: epiz_23350771
There seem to be an extremely consistent latency to loading the page (~100000ms).

Same here

The problem has escalated. Now I cannot connect to any of my websites completely. FTP service is down (both with the Online File Manager and FileZilla). All websites returning Server not found, 502 Bad Gateway, and 504 Timeout for almost a day now. With the problems of my MySQL database not allowing access, domains being “suspended”, files often inaccessible through FTP, unreasonable loading times of more than minutes prolonging for more than two weeks, the service uptime (including Hosting/FTP/MySQL) is nowhere close to 99.9%, I would say probably 60% as of this month. I understand this is a free service, and I am not trying to dwell on the service uptime, I would just like to know what is going on, what are causing these problems, and if there’s a foreseeable time where these will be fixed. Thank you.

I’m having similar issues. See my post here about it.



Update: Everything is back to normal now. Thanks.

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