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Hello so i was editing my website and uploaded my script like i do all the time but suddenly it showed different on my other devices and other browsers. And with the www extension.

İ have 2 mobiles, (GM 8, REDMI NOTE 9)

On my redmi device it shows the script normally on Chrome, but different on opera. On my GM 8 it shows different version of my script on Chrome. The script looks fine on my tablet. And the one with the www extension and the normal one does not looks the same. Check both of the links above. İ use the same script. İ opened a fresh-new website and uploaded my script there and its working fine there.(now the hayatsiz website shows different on mobile mode and desktop mode)

Test website:

How do i fix this?

İdk why it shows different on and hayatsı the files are the same files

İ didnt really understand is it a problem with my script or with the hosting?

İ can share more information if its gonna help.

both show same website :slight_smile: for me

hayatsı shows me a white version but shows me the dark one idk why

Maybe try clear the browser cache on the device that shows the wrong result? This sounds like a browser caching issue.


I purged cache of my website and disabled caching for a while and re-uploaded my files again but still the same result, i’ve tried to clear the cookies and try again i cleared all the cache on my device and tablet but still the same i used brave opera firefox and other browsers to check the result but its still the same. Ill guess i will change my websites script theres no other way :person_shrugging:

Thanks for the help guys

You cleared the cache on your device, right?

The way you worded it makes me think you cleared the wrong thing.

Follow this:


Sorry for my bad english i was using a translator, yes i did clean the way like that and used several types of browsers and devices to check if its working again but no. It looks different on some devices, I think the only thing I can do is to change the script of the website because I have not encountered such a problem in other scripts. Thanks a lot for your help.

Now I remember something, doesn’t Operate have some kind of turbo performance booster feature (IDK what it’s called)? Because, like with Cloudflare, the “performance boost” is mostly caching. So it’s possible that the bad content you see is being served from Opera’s cache, not by Cloudflare or your hosting account.

Can you please disable the turbo mode in Opera and try again?


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