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Hello Everyone, I just hosted an website using infinityfree -
Can you give feedback on it?


Its a good site. Add some padding. It’ll look better!


nice site, style is good. well done

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You need to have some validation
both for the mail address and for the rest
minimum chars, maximum chars (so that someone doesn’t paste a book there and knock down your page - it’s an iframe right now so it doesn’t matter that much), remove special characters from input, etc.

I didn’t type anything but just clicked the submit button and it passed - which is wrong.
in addition it is recommended reCAPTCHA to at least reject a ton of bots that will write there

btw. copy the source and pass it through the validator The W3C Markup Validation Service

because you have a few mistakes

like a closed </nav> multiple times, etc.

and it all then affects the appearance (and you break your head why something doesn’t stand where you want it).


thanks, but how did you get your domain?

It looks amazing!

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