WebSite error form 403

Hello I just finished my contact form with a name, email, and message. On my local host everything is fine and work well. But unfortunately when I put my site on a ‘real’ server “infinity free” I got a error 403. Please someone can help-me ??

I got it when I click to send a form

My web site is

need more info about 403 error !
what sql script it calls? tryed in PhpMyAdmin ? compared versions and types of sql(for example postgre and mariaDB) ?

)) i think its more file system error(for example wrong permission on files) some files need to be 755 some 644 etc. sql can’t return 403 error! mostly 5xx error !

check right permission(chown/chmod) for your files in remote serv!

Hello, can you help me about it ? I have no idea how to solve it

You cannot use /includes as a path for website URLs. includes are files which are supposed to be included into other scripts. So for security reasons, these files cannot be accessed directly, as some software can expose sensitive data when doing so.

If you move the file to any other directory, it should work.

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