Website epiz_22744948 is down -


Is there a reason why my website is down … i checked it on as well and it says site is down. Can anyone please fix this issue - many thanks

is my website going to be operational again? It has been 3 days but still nothing happening - could someone from Infinity please look into the issue and if you can’t fix the issue then advise so that I can move my website elsewhere

Everything is explained in the thread that @ChrisPAR referred to. Read all up again.

Please check the known issues first, and please don’t create more topics about a known issue.

Yes, we know there is a problem. Yes, we’re working on it. Yes, we know your website is important and you need it urgently. No, there isn’t anything you can do which hasn’t been said in the official topic already. No, there isn’t anything we can or will do to fix your website more quickly than others.