Website down

We have been making a wiki website for our small group. And we are satisfied with your service so far. But today our website was inaccessible, including FTP and occasionaly the VistaPanel.

We have been getting these two errors:
“502 Bad Gateway (Nginx)”

Is there something wrong with servers and is anybody aware and taking care of this at the moment?

i hv the same issue

Website is magically back online :smiley:
But FTP is inaccessible both from Client Area, net2ftp and FTP software. :confused: (I’m using FileZilla)
They all give this error:
421 Home directory not available - aborting

And that got fixed too with magic I guess lol

Sounds like an issue in the storage system, which caused most of the account to break. The sysadmins must have solved it already. I’m glad to hear the issue has been fixed now.

@Admin I still have this issue but can still access my ftp and VistaPanel.

@TomTheMiner said:
@Admin I still have this issue but can still access my ftp and VistaPanel.

Please don’t post your issue multiple times. It just derails support and wastes everyone’s time.

@Admin Apologies, but I would really like to know where the root of this problem lies.

Edit: It is now just the two domains on my main account showing this issue.

We’re currently experiencing a technical issue with all websites hosted on the IP address, which includes your website. We’re working to get it resolved as soon as possible.

Is the Servers down, as intermittently I cannot access my website?

I have the same issue, again.

@TomTheMiner said:
I have the same issue, again.

Your website is working now. Our server admins are on top of it, they’ll make sure your website won’t be down any more than absolutely necessary.

@shortiestuff Your website is not on the same IP so the issue is probably not the same. Please create a new topic about it.

Thank you admin I shall start new topic. Thank you.