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Recently my website (` was blocked due to high CPU. The website was unblocked after 24 hours + another 10 minutes for reactivation. Now every time I try to access it I get an error like the one shown in the photo. I should mention that I use CloudFlare for optimization + email server. Until my access to the website was blocked I had no problems and everything worked within the parameters.

Can you give me some advice to solve this problem? And maybe you can suggest me a wordpress plugin that will optimize my site for faster speed and no problems with high CPU?

Does this Cloudflare error still pop up?

For a Wordpress optimization plugin, (to lower chances of hitting the CPU limit), I recommend you try the following:


The IP address your website is hosted on,, is currently being attacked. It will be unavailable for a time until the attack is over. Iā€™m sorry for the inconvenience caused.


I solved it now. Apparently the problem was not from CloudFlare but from InfinityFree because there were problems with their server and apparently it still exists.

And how long will this attack last? It is not normal. Last days I had problems with uploading files to the ftp server ā€¦

Well, if the DDOSer is still angry, then maybe forever, but that is impractical to sustain forever.

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In addition to other errors that I have encountered so far and had to solve them myself ā€¦ now there are problems with establishing mysql database connection ā€¦ I did not know that this hosting service is so unstable. at least on the hosting volume 5.

On Friday the service worked very well, on Saturday it is down or it fluctuates ā€¦ I hope these problems will be solved in the future because it is not ok ā€¦ and most probably will not move to a premium hosting plan. .

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