Website down, sometimes redirecting sometimes timeout error. Strange!

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Recently my site went down, and when I tried to access it was redirecting to some different site.
Later it was showing as if its not pointing to the host and displaying like its just parked.
But now it says, the connection timeout error.

I checked with a vpn, and site is accessible through this url only:

https version and non www version not working even on vpn, I tried adding the ssl from the dash but no luck.

I see this


Please remove domain from hosting account then add it in again.

Once done, move files from htdocs to


Can you plz explain? it was working earlier on this same setup, the cname was added recently (after the site was down) while trying to add ssl cert.

Fine for me

Seems that a very minor outage had happened before but now it is already resolved.


Yes, its back now it seems.

though the https version still goes to domain parking screen, maybe ssl change takes time?

I checked your domain name, and it’s definitely pointing to the Bodis parking pages and not to your hosting account. If it works intermittently for you, I suspect that this is caused by stale DNS cache on your end.

I don’t know what happened, it’s possible that the DNS records of the domain broke more recently, which may not have had anything to do with what you did.

Also, does work, in case maybe were checking that domain instead.

So I second what @KangJL said: please remove the domain from your account and add it again. That will recreate the DNS records on our end, so your domain will work again from everywhere all the time.


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