Website down 404. IP

Website URL:

Error Message: 404! We couldn’t find that page.

Please provide screenshot of your file manager.


I’ve created another account because my website was on one of the IPs with corrupted files. My website worked for a day and then went down. I have attached a screenshot of the directory structure
Captura de pantalla 2023-08-24 160723

Hi, what is your website url?

It’s at the beginning of the topic:

@cfemia is this domain the domain you signed up with when creating the account? If not, you’ll need to move the content to an folder. I’m suspecting this isn’t the issue because this issue usually throws a 403 issue and not a 404, but all I can think of is that the domain is linked to a different htdocs folder than the one you’re uploading files to.

I assume the htdocs directory you’re showing is from this other account where the domain is linked to and not your old account, right?


The htdocs directory I’m showing is from the new account I had to create because of the corrupted files incident.

Any ideas what is happening here?

is htaccess file modified? Did you changed your domain? Was your script using hardcoded directory path, so when you moved its broken now?



are not the same.

Please copy files to your new account at


Thanks! I had to create a directory named after my domain and then, move the htdocs folder into it. I’ve been using Infinityfree for almost two years and this is the first time I have seen this. I have never had to do this before. Thank you for your help!


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