Website database connection issue

Username : epiz_27426158

(please specify the website or account you are asking about)

Error Message

Error establishing a database connection

Other Information

Kindly please resolve this issue

There seams to be something going on with databases. Please read other topics before posting.

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This message could mean anything. Could you please enable debug mode to get a real error message?


Thanks @Admin now the site is up but still unable to access phpmyadmin.

Did you try clearing your cache?

yes but nothing happened.

Did you try this already?

Yes I tried evrything written in the above post but it did not work.

If you are trying direct login into phpmyadmin it won’t work. Login in infinityfree account > go to your control panel try to access your PHPMyAdmin.
Without login in control panel you can’t access phpmyadmin.

After reading this reply if you think that everything is ok, then it could be another reason.


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