Website crashed after update (again)


There has been a critical error on this website.

Learn more about troubleshooting WordPress.

Can someone please help me fix it? Maybe also give some advice to avoid it in the future?

Thanks in advance

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Thanks for your reply, just deleted it, no change. Should I reinstall the plug-in manually?

You mentioned this in the title “Website crashed after update”

Do you mean the WP update or specifically some plugin update?

You are currently using WordPress 6.0.3

If some plugin is the cause of the problem then
you should consult the author or the website of the plugin where problems and possible solutions are discussed.


It happed right after a failed attempt to update to Wordpress 6.1

It is possible that that plugin is not ready for that version or some combination of other plugins is the cause of the discrepancy

btw. the error you had is listed here W3 Total Cache Error |



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