Website check!

Website IP


I am trying to access my website and it responds very late.

PageSpeed even seo tools don’t access my website.

Anyone know about the error?

No, I don’t know about the error. I checked your site and it’s working fine for me. Initial page loads are a bit on the slow side due to security checks and server warmups, but after that it’s basically as fast as it could possibly be considering the distance between me and the server.

Can you provide any evidence that shows how slow the side loads for you?


Hi, maybe this screenshot will help :

Chrome Developer Tools

I encountered this error for the first time today.
My domain from ‘’ and it’s not a new domain.

The NS are as follows:

Response time ranges from 5 seconds to 30 seconds.
This time increases/decreases as the page refreshes.
Sometimes return 502 Bad Gateway

Thank you.

I just checked again and the site is performing extremely poor for me as well. Looking more closely, it seems that the server your website is on is having some issues somehow. Other websites on the same IP address,, are also responding very slowly.

I’ve notified iFastNet about this so they can look into this.


Thanks for be interested.
I will share new bugs and problems with you.

Kind regards

Sorry for the late reply, but a few hours after my last message iFastNet identified a cause for high load on the server. That has been resolved now, so your site should be a lot faster now!


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