Website cannot display special characters

Hi. I’m making a Chinese translation for my website, but it’s all showing up as random characters instead of the characters I’d like it to display. What must I do to allow special characters?

You can set a HTML tag to define which encoding your website uses. Please try to set the HTML tag which corresponds with the character set you originally developed your website with.

It seems to be something else other than the encryption. HTML5 should use UTF-8 by default, which supports Chinese characters.
Is there anything else I need to do?

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It would make it a lot easier if you actually included a URL to the website.

Ah, my bad. (english) (chinese)

@Hex4Nova said:
Ah, my bad. (english) (chinese)

I’ve checked , but that character set does not look like UTF-8 to me. Can you please verify in your HTML editor that it’s actually using UTF-8 and not some other kind of character set?

For example, the first character I could find in your title has the code U+008E, which as far as I can tell is an unprintable control character.

Nope, it seems to be the encoding with the file itself rather than the browser’s encoding.

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You just said it was caused by the encoding of the file itself, which I thought was enough information for you to fix it yourself. Try re-encoding and re-uploading the file to UTF-8, because whatever your file is encoded with, it’s not UTF-8.