Website being redirected to

My website keeps getting redirected to I checked my html and there is no redirect to that website in it. The website is filled with adds for Ifastnet.
Please help me.


Your domain may be suspended.

You can always check in the client area if your account is suspended. It should also show the reason if that is the case.


It doesn’t show the reason. And I checked my domain provider, it said the domain is active

Oh and the website is

I’m pretty sure that the nameservers are wrong:

Has your domain been configured to use these nameservers?


The other ones are my companies infrastructure servers

As a role of thumb never mix different sets of nameservers. If you want to use services of different providers on your domain, just adding all the nameservers of all providers to your domain is not the way to do it.

When someone tries to open, then 2/6 times they connect to our nameservers and see the site. The other 4/6 times they connect to the nameservers, which just say “sorry, I own this domain but I don’t have any records for”, resulting in a DNS error for the client.

To fix this, please pick one provider to provide DNS hosting for your domain (that can be us, the nameservers or a different provider entirely), and configure which services should be handled by which provider from there. So if you want to host with us, you can setup a DNS record that points the domain to your website IP.


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