Website and File Manager not responding suddenly


my username: if0_35006964
website: and its subdomains

for some reason my website stopped responding less than an hour ago.

Then a few minutes later, i also saw that the contents of the file manager is not loading but rather it takes me to the screen whose screenshot i have uploaded below.

I would be very grateful if someone from Infinityfree assisted me with it urgently as i need to submit this website in two days time as a part of my e-commerce assignment. I know i wrote something similar months ago. When i made it months ago, it was full of mistakes and hence i could not submit formally.

Thanks in advance.

Same suddenly the site is neither working and nor filemanager

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Hi and welcome (or welcome back) to the forum! The File Manager is going up and down repeatedly; now it’s up again, so you can try to check and see if it works. Also, seems like the IP your websites are on ( are currently down, either because of maintenance or DDoS attack… So for that you have to wait until it gets fixed.


Seems like I am not alone… :sneezing_face::sneezing_face::sneezing_face:

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